Clinical Research Services and Consultations

The past 20 years have seen a considerable shift in the location of industry-sponsored clinical drug trials. Until the1990s, the vast majority of testing of medicines on humans was carried out in high-income countries (the USA, western European countries, Japan). However, these tests are now increasingly being carried out in low- and middle-income settings.

As well as less stringent regulations for the conduct of clinical trials in Middle East countries,  including the need for diverse patient populations for research, lower trial costs, a large pool of willing participants, and access to new and potentially large markets– have driven the expansion of international clinical research, so we decided to be the first medical agency that provides these services and bridging the gap between the scientific community and industrial needs.

MARS  is a well established medical agency that cooperates with Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical research and statistical studies based on the most recent guidelines to accommodate clients' requirements and objectives using a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, together with the companies, we are enabling a more modern, more effective and more efficient healthcare system, and creating breakthrough solutions that transform business and patient outcomes.

We do our part by using breakthroughs in insights, technology, and most recent guidelines to help make them a reality. Motivated by the industry, we’re committed to providing solutions that enable Pharmaceutical companies to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities for development.

Our vision focus on bridging the gap between research knowledge and the medical industry community.

Our mission is to raise the awareness of the medical research field around the globe, and create the first aware community of all the aspects of clinical research in the Middle East, and meet our client's need for tailored high-quality medical research services to help them in their journey of improving the public health.